Be You Travel Set. Orange

Choose the colour of joy and creativity – everything that’s good about these small bundles of travel goodness


An exceptional, compact travel toothbrush, 10ml zesty fresh whitening toothpaste and two interdental brushes with a handy holder. The ultimate CURAPROX oral health care.

No compromise on style. No compromise on oral health. Your favourite CURAPROX products in your suitcase, your hand luggage – or in your pocket. This vibrant, stylish travel kit measures just 9.5 cm x 6 cm.


£ 9.99

Shopping cart summary


  • CS 5460 travel toothbrush: Relentless on plaque. Relentlessly gentle on your teeth and gums
  • CURAPROX [BE YOU.] toothpaste Explorer Apple + Aloe Vera, 10ml: Protects and cares for teeth and gums. Gently and effectively whitens
  • CPS prime interdental brushes, size 07-red & 09-yellow: Effective brushing in the spaces between your teeth