Black is White Brush Heads

All our toothbrush heads feature ultra-fine CUREN® filaments for a gentle yet effective daily clean.

The Black is White replacement brushheads offer an extra-small head guaranteeing a thorough, targeted clean even in hard-to-reach areas.

Recommendation: replace after three months at the latest; six to eight weeks if wearing a retainer or braces

Always replace your brushheads after an illness.

2 heads per pack 

BW 015

£ 16.00

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  • Gentle and effective: fine CUREN® bristles 
  • Every single area can be easily reached: The CURACURVE® ergonomics are all down to the perfect bend
  • Drop-like design for high-precision cleaning, tooth by tooth
  • Rubberised back for comfort during brushing
  • Supports the hydrodynamic effect
  • Developed with Prof. Dr. med. dent. Ulrich P. Saxer
  • Made in Switzerland