SOOTHER SIZE 2 DUOPACK (approx size: up to 14 kilos 18-36 months)

size 2, up to 14 kilos (18-36 months)

This is no ordinary soother! 

Developed by dental specialist the flat tip of our soother gives the palate room so it doesn't take on an abnormal high-arched shape. This prevents teeth from moving in the gum's as well as promoting healthy breathing and good sleep. The side wings guide the suction pressure to the jaw rather than the palate, which ensures that the dental arch develops a nice round shape.

You invest in the best and safest car seat, the most flexible travel system so now invest in your baby's future oral care.  


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The CURAPROX Baby soother, which was developed by Dr of Dental Science Herbert Pick, prevents both aesthetic and health-related difficulties that result from the use of regular soothers. It does this with biofunctionality: The soother is designed in a manner that ensures no displacements or damage result from its use under ordinary conditions, due to the fact that the soother leaves enough room for the tongue and palate to develop normally. The palate doesn't take on a high-arched shape and the upper dental arch develops a nice round shape. This soother from CURAPROX Baby marks a breakthrough for both oral and general health.

All CURAPROX baby products contain no harmful toxins. BPH free 

Available in 3 sizes and 3 colors.

The CURAPROX soother – developed by orthodontists:

  • Relaxes your baby… without the risk of dental displacement or the danger of jaw deformation
  • Prevents your baby’s teeth from moving and prevents difficulties with their overall health
  • Supports rather than hinders the natural development of your baby’s teeth, gums, palate and jaw
  • Supports language development and the natural swallowing process
  • Ensures optimal breathing
  • Calms babies and their parents!

Reassuring for parents.

Developed by Dr. of Dental Science Herbert Pick, this soother looks somewhat different from the others. Benefit: The positive aspects of a conventional soother – without the usual drawbacks.

The flat tip gives the palate room so it doesn’t take on an abnormal high-arched shape. This prevents teeth from moving as well as promotes healthy breathing, sleeping and helps restore concentration.

The side wings guide the suction pressure to the jaw rather than the palate, which ensures that the dental arch develops a nice round shape.

Can also be used with the Curaprox Soother Holder.