Baby Duo Toothbrush Packs

AWARD WINNING Teeth-cleaning made fun!

When should you start to clean baby teeth?

The first milk tooth usually breaks through around sixth months so as that tooth begins to show now is the time to start a daily clean routine. 

Clean each milk tooth at least once a day with a moistened soft CURAPROX baby toothbrush.  It often helps to put baby on your lap – with their back to you and their head resting against your chest, often singing a song or two can add to the fun

Brush their teeth using small circles but never force your baby, take your time and let baby be involved too. 


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The CURAPROX baby toothbrush offers gentle, exceptional cleaning for children aged up to four years old. It makes cleaning teeth fun and joyful… so you can enjoy quality parent-child time without the tears

The CURAPROX baby toothbrush – developed by Dental Professor Adrian Lussi:

  • Features 4,260 extra-fine, gentle CUREN® filaments that prevent injuries to the delicate oral mucosa – the tissue that lines the mouth…
  • … a compact rubberised brush head to reach all areas of the mouth…
  • … a rounded handle that helps children to hold their toothbrush the right way – with gentle pressure – now and forever…
  • … and it’s easy for adults to hold as well – just in case your child needs a helping hand
  • It comes in three colours – turquoise, blue and pink…
  • … it’s recommended by dentists
  • … and it’s “toxin-free” – and completely safe to use

Toothpaste is optional at this age but, if you do go for it, just use a drop of low-fluoride baby toothpaste with a pleasant taste.

Encourage them to spit it out afterwards. But there’s no need to rinse with water, this just washes all the fluoride away!

When your child is ready for supervised brushing whilst being supervised make sure they are brushing them twice a day for at least two minutes: once after breakfast and once before bedtime.

Use a maximum of a pea-sized amount of low-fluoride children’s toothpaste and spit don't rinse!

Make sure you change your childs toothbrush once every 3 months or after an illness.

Happy Brushing!