The CURAPROX teething ring has been designed by international dental professionals to help alleviate teething pain in young infants.

Contours on the teether really help with teething pain and the clever inegrated training toothbrush also get baby used to that brushing sensation making it that mush easier to start brushing when the time comes.

Happy Baby means Happy Parents!

£ 20.00

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Before too long, your child will be ready for the perfect next step in their journey to brushing their teeth:

The CURAPROX teething ring… complete with a mini integrated training toothbrush to:

  • Massage their gums
  • Encourage excitement and curiosity… and playfully prepare them for brushing for the first time

In addition, the CURAPROX teething ring:

  • Takes away teething pain – your baby plays happily… and you’re content
  • Features a rattle to awaken the senses…
  • … and exciting textures to promote sensory and motor skills
  • Available in two colours 
  • Like all Curaprox BABY products is biofunctional, toxin-free and completely safe to use – please see the “biofunctionality design ethos” section below
Can also be used with the teether ring soother. 
Just clip on the CURAPROX soother holder to stop the teething ring falling on the floor where it can get dirty. Originally designed for the CURAPROX soother, the holder works perfectly to make sure your baby keeps hold of their teething ring.