Curaprox Baby Starter Kit Girl


This  baby starter kit includes a two-pack of size 0 soothers perfect for new borns, a teething ring with integrated first toothbrush to help with the first signs of teething & a two-pack of baby toothbrushes for when that first tooth emerges.  This starter kit comes in two different colour combinations for baby girls and boys.  The perfect gift for that new bundle of joy. 

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£ 45.00

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We believe that biofunctionality is the key to designing really good products. Biofunctionality means thinking about causes and effects – and creating products that promote growth in a natural way.

Biofunctionality works hand in hand with mother nature to support the natural development of your little one, which means that products by CURAPROX Baby are not just highly effective – they spread happiness, too.

Thanks to biofunctionality, the CURAPROX Baby products work in perfect harmony with the natural development of every aspect of your baby’s mouth, from their jaw and teeth to their breathing.


Reassuring for parents.

Developed by Dr. of Dental Science Herbert Pick, this soother looks somewhat different from the others. Benefit: The positive aspects of a conventional soother – without the usual drawbacks.

Available in 3 sizes and 3 colors.

SootherCalms the baby
SootherPrevents teeth from moving
SootherPromotes the proper development of the palate and jaw
SootherEnsures optimal breathing

The teething ring 

Developed by Dr. of Dental Science Nadja-Marina Kellerhoff, the CURAPROX Baby teething ring is really more like an exciting adventure – and a training toothbrush.

Available in 2 colors

The teething ring
  • The teething ringHelps with teething
  • The teething ringPromotes the development of sensory and motor skills
  • The teething ringGets infants curious and excited about brushing

The toothbrush

Making teeth-cleaning fun.

Developed by Dr of Dental Science Adrian Lussi, this toothbrush is perfectly designed for the baby. It‘s both effective and gentle.

Available in 2 colors

The toothbrush
  • The toothbrushExtra-fine CUREN® bristles cares for the teeth.
  • The toothbrushThe rubberised brush head protects the oral mucosa.
  • The toothbrushMakes teeth cleaning fun.
  • The toothbrushOffers the highest degree of cleaning efficiency.