Hydrosonic Easy - As Seen In Press

The GENTLE way to better oral care

The Hydrosonic Easy gently improves oral health in a technologically advanced way. This toothbrush with hydrodynamics cleans up to 42,000 movements per minute - gentle, simple, effective and reliable:

  • Gently cleans using CUREN® bristles with a hydrodynamic action
  • Simple one-button operation
  • Three levels: «start», «clean», «smile», 22'000, 32'000 and 42'000 movements per minute
  • Strong battery life, enough for about two weeks brushing your teeth at four minutes a day.
  • Two brush heads

Recommendation Always change your brush heads after an illness.

CHS 192

£ 99.00

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Thanks to hydrodynamics the Easy gently cleans the whole tooth and even reaching into the interdental spaces!

  • At low battery level as strong as when fully charged
  • Charging station with USB cable and Travel Case
  • Compatible with all Curaprox brush heads, supplied with:

- Brush head CHS 200 sensitive - Ideal for sonic toothbrush beginners, particularly gentle and gentle, yet with an extremely high cleaning performance.

- Brush head CHS 300 power - highest performance for sonic toothbrush professionals. This power-head cleans in perfection and is extremely gentle and gentle.

Curaprox brush heads are equipped with CUREN® instead of nylon bristles: CUREN® filaments are consistent in performance, while being particularly gentle.

The Hydrosonic Easy is also perfect for people with braces, implants & dentures.

Recommendation: replace brushheads after three months at the latest; six to eight weeks if wearing a retainer or braces & always replace your brushheads after an illness.