Easy Sensitive Brush Heads - CHS 200

Easy Sensitive Brush Heads - CHS 200

Extremely gentle yet creates a deep clean

The CHS 100 Sensitive brush head offers an exceptionally gentle clean yet still can pack a punch against bacteria and unwanted deposits. Perfect for adults and children alike and also those with inflammation or even periodontitis. Gentle, simple, effective and reliable:

Recommendation Always change your brush heads after an illness.

CHS 200

£ 12.99

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Tried-and-tested: The CHS 200 Sensitive brush head is ideal for newcomers to sonic toothbrushes and people with particularly sensitive gums, yet still has an extremely high level of cleaning performance. Most commercial brush head bristles have a diameter of 0.2mm however our CUREN® filaments are only 0.127 mm in diameter.  Coupled with  its hydrodynamic effect this brush can  clean areas  other filaments are unable to reach.

  • CUREN® filaments, 0.127 mm in diameter
  • Reach all the critical areas
  • Particularly soft and gentle
  • Very high cleaning performance
  • Developed in cooperation with Prof. Dr. med. dent. Ueli P. Saxer
  • Compatible with Hydrosonic CHS 100 & Hydrosonic Black is White
  • Pack of two

Recommendation: change brush heads after three months at the latest; six to eight weeks if wearing a retainer or braces & always replace your brushheads after an illness.