NEW Interdental Brush Starter Kit - Mixed

The NEW Interdental Starter Kit is the perfect interdental kit to help keep your smile 100% clean.  Curaprox Interdental brushes are the only interdental brushes to offer a unique lifetime handle alongside a click replaceable tip concept.  

Long-lasting replaceable brush tips + reusable lifetime handles = less plastic waste.  A win win!


£ 8.00

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Kit includes 5 different sized Prime brush tips & two handles: one short for front teeth and one long for hard to reach areas and two handy hygiene caps. Made in Switzerland

Step 1. Using one of the two handles supplied, load your chosen brush tip and insert the brush gently into the space between the teeth at gum level.

Step 2. gently move the brush, once in and out, removing plaque between the teeth.

Speak to your Dental Professional for guidance on the right interdental for the right interdental space if needed.