Hydrosonic Pro System

The sonic toothbrush both for when wearing brackets and afterwards too

Things just got a whole lot easier for brace wearers. Thanks to the innovative Swiss brush head technology, teeth can easily be kept healthy and attractive even when wearing a brace. What’s more, the sonic toothbrush Hydrosonic Pro is an investment from which the entire family can benefit: after all, its not just brace wearers who want to achieve good oral hygiene and a dazzling smile simply and gently.

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The problem: braces make it significantly more difficult to ensure good oral health. There is a risk of caries and inflammations. With a manual toothbrush, it is virtually impossible to get all the niches between the teeth and braces, brackets, lingual brackets and retainers really clean.

The solution: the Hydrosonic Pro brush heads are able to reach all the critical areas easily with the CURACURVE® bend. And the CUREN® filaments mean they are cleaned to perfection.

The Hydrosonic Pro’s sonic technology guarantees two-fold cleaning results: mechanical and hydrodynamic. The brush couldn’t be simpler to use.

Hydrosonic Pro

  • Powerful motor ranging from 22,000 up to 42,000 motions per minute
  • Can be set to seven levels, guaranteed to always be gentle
  • Strong battery, sufficient for approx. two weeks of teeth cleaning for four minutes a day
  • Cleans just as well with a low charge as when fully charged
  • One-button operation, intuitive to use
  • Extra-small charger, incl. travel case

“sensitive”, “power” and “single” brush heads

  • Every single area can be easily reached: CURACURVE® ergonomics
  • Soft yet effective: finest CUREN® bristles
  • Extra pleasant: rubberised back
  • Made in Switzerland

“sensitive” brush head

Extremely gentle, yet highly efficient. With extra soft CUREN® filaments. For sensitive gums and periodontitis – or simply because you so wish. Extra small drop-like design for high-precision cleaning, tooth by tooth. Supports the hydrodynamic effect. Developed with Prof. Ulrich P. Saxer.

“power” brush head

Powerful yet gentle. With the tried-and-tested soft CUREN® filaments. For normal gums or simply because you so wish. Drop-like head, extra small, for high-precision cleaning, tooth by tooth. Supports the hydrodynamic effect. Developed with Prof. Ulrich P. Saxer.

“single” brush head

Extra filigree – extra ortho. Specifically cleans where bacteria are well concealed: in the niches between the teeth, brackets, arches, wires and in the gingival margin. For cleaning braces, orthodontic appliances, around implants and poorly positioned teeth. Also suitable for polishing tooth surfaces. Developed in cooperation with the oral health expert Jiri Sedelmayer.

Clean: pure and simple

The Hydrosonic Pro ensures good oral health despite braces, brackets, lingual brackets and retainers in a truly simple way. Each of the three innovative brush heads can easily access previously hard-to-reach areas to achieve effective yet gentle cleaning results at speeds of up to 42,000 motions a minute. Thanks to CURACURVE® ergonomics and CUREN® filaments.

You can now clean teeth and the contact points with orthodontic appliances simply and to perfection. Also ideal for when you no longer wear a brace.