Xerostom Spray now 15ml

Xerostom Spray now 15ml

Xerostom Spray 15ml with Saliactive

Dry Mouth means that the soft tissues (gums, tongue & cheeks) are more fragile and lose their elasticity.  Eating and drinking can become painful and so a change in diet may take place which leads to other problems. Xerostom Mouth Spray can be used when required and gives immediate relief in a handy travel bottle. 

Use the tongue to spread the liquid around the mouth unitl the desired effect is achieved.


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Xerostom with Saliactive also contains:

  • calcium to improve remineralisation
  • Vitamin E as an antioxident.  It is effective in the treatment of mucositis
  • Allantoin prevents tissues from cracking
  • Vitamin B5 soothes and reduces water loss through the edpidermis
  • Potassium diminishes dental sensitivity and pain


Xerostome with Saliactive: 

  • Non acid, does not contain citric acid
  • 100% detergent free, sugar free and alcohol free
  • Suitable for diabetics and vegetarians
  • Prevents mouth ulcers