Xerostom Dental Gum x 10 pcs

Xerostom Dental Gum x 10 pcs

Xerostom Dental Gum x 10 pcs with Saliactive

Salivery glands need to be stimulated and chewing our specially formulated Dry Mouth Xerostom Dental Gum will help relieve your symptoms instantly.  Each pack contains 10 soft lemon gum pieces with added proctive ingredients, perfect for on the go relief.

Ensure you avoid gums with sugar instead use gums with Xylitol due to its highly protective function. 


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Xerostom with Saliactive also contains:

  • calcium to improve remineralisation
  • Vitamin E as an antioxident.  It is effective in the treatment of mucositis
  • Allantoin prevents tissues from cracking
  • Vitamin B5 soothes and reduces water loss through the edpidermis
  • Potassium diminishes dental sensitivity and pain


Xerostome with Saliactive: 

  • Non acid, does not contain citric acid
  • 100% detergent free, sugar free and alcohol free
  • Suitable for diabetics and vegetarians
  • Prevents mouth ulcers