Hydrosonic Easy Sensitive Brush Heads

Extremely gentle yet creates a deep clean

The CHS 200 Sensitive brush head offers an exceptionally gentle clean yet can still pack a punch against bacteria and unwanted deposits. Perfect for adults and children alike and also those with inflammation or even periodontitis, 

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Unbelievable: a CHS 200 Sensitive brush head provides maximum yet gentle performance for sonic toothbrush professionals. This head clean gently to perfection. Our CUREN® filaments have a diameter of only 0.152 mm which alongside its hydrodynamic effect ensures it can clean areas other filaments are unable to reach.

  • CUREN® filaments, 0.152 mm in diameter
  • Reach all the critical areas
  • Exceptional cleaning performance
  • Pleasantly soft and extra gentle
  • Developed in cooperation with Prof. Dr. med. dent. Ueli P. Saxer
  • Pack of two