CS Smart Ultra Soft


This smart little brush has been designed around our bestselling CS 5460 but with a smaller more compact head that is perfect for children and adults with smaller mouths. With an amazing 7,600 CUREN filaments crammed on its tiny head it can really pack a punch yet still comes with the softness that you have come to expect from Curaprox.  

  • 7,600 Curen bristles for optimal cleaning
  • Small and compact brush head
  • Extemely gentle
  • Octagonal handle for precise cleaning angle
  • 0.08mm in diameter 

!!!Toothbrush colours will vary!!!


£ 4.65

Shopping cart summary

In a class of its own: with its small brush head, the CS smart is actually a children’s toothbrush. Nevertheless, our adult testers were equally enthusiastic: they said it is exceptionally accurate when brushing and wonderfully fine. We should have realised this when we gave it so many fine Curen® filaments. For children over the age of 5 and for adults. 7'600 CUREN® filaments, 0.08 mm.

  • Developed for children over the age of 5
  • Extra small brush head for exceptionally accurate brushing
  • 7'600 CUREN® filaments, 0.08 mm
  • Octagonal handle for the correct angle
  • Incredibly soft, gentle and effective
  • Adults love it, too!

Recommendation: Your toothbrush should be changed at least every 3 months but if you have had an illness remember to change it straight after.