CS 1009 single

This brush offers outstanding 'solo method' cleaning and has been specially designed for the care of braces, isolated or poorly positioned teeth, implants and bridges. The brushhead provides 9 mm-long CUREN® filaments at 0.12 mm in diameter resulting in an exceptional cleaning experience.

CS 1009

£ 5.15

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Prophylaxis professional Jiri Sedelmayer developed this cleaning method, or the 'Solo Method' as it is known and we at CURAPROX created the perfect solution, the single-tuft brush.  It goes without saying that it has our unique CUREN® filaments, but with a beautifully rounded bristle tuft aswell. Why? Well, it means that the filaments adapt wonderfully to the anatomy of the gum line giving perfect results each and every clean.

  • Flatters the gum line
  • CUREN® filaments with perfect round cut
  • Trim length 9 mm
  • For use with braces and implants…
  • …or simply for the joy of perfect teeth brushing