Helping you to get that perfect smile

Being fitted with an orthodontic means your perfect smile is not that far off but it is vital that you look after them.  This kit offers all the tools you need to help keep your orthodontics in tip top condition and with step by step instructions on how to use them too.  


£ 14.99

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Kit includes:

•   Ortho toothbrush Single toothbrush, 3 x interdental brushes and interdental holder, travel kit & wax 

•   Easy & effective: All in one solution for orthodontics

•   Functional: Set for at home use and when travelling 

  • UHS 451 + pre-mounted CPS 06 interdental brush
  • CPS 14 and CPS 28 interdental brushes
  • 1 strip ortho wax
  • UHS Pocket box
  • CS 1006 single
  • CS 5460 ortho
  • DF 845 implant & braces